Thursday, November 10, 2011

Has Disney Consumer Products Finally Gotten It?

Now what is 'it'? you ask. 

Why can't the Disneyland logo be enough?
For years now Nick and I have been complaining, all be it amongst ourselves, about the products available to a Disney lover.  Now this is going to seem harsh to some of you who absolutely love these types of things, but in my personal opinion a lot of the products that Disney release are REALLY dorky (I would even take it a step further and say TACKY. -Nick).

Oh the Humanity! on the back.
I want Disney pieces that I can wear every day, not just while I am in WDW.  I want pieces that show a passion for all things Disney, but I don't want a huge mural of the parks with 30 different characters, and the year screen printed on the back of my tshirts (The one arm of DCP that seems to "get it" are the folks that make the vintage Epcot shirts. They're classy, under-stated, and not over the top. Plus, only the true fans get what they mean.-Nick). 

There is a game you can play while walking around the World of Disney.  Look for really nice, plain, casual t-shirts and jackets and hoodies, and before looking at the back of the item you are holding guess what percentage of the items have a giant, gawdy drawing on the back, the number is probably in the 90th percentile.

I am hopeful however, today, because I received an email announcing some new products in the disney parks online store.  And the track jacket they advertised is normal and low-key, and Disney-rific all at the same time, and it is absolutely going on my Christmas list (The only thing I dislike about this track jacket is the 40th logo- it makes it outdated in about 8 months. But I agree, still a nice piece of merch. -Nick).

Check it out:
That's it.  There's nothing on the back, it is toned down, and its perfect.  Many of you may feel that this jacket doesn't go far enough, but wouldn't you rather meet a Disney fan who can recognize the 40th Anniversary symbol for WDW, without the back of the jacket having to jump out and slam it in your face?

Take for example these backs:

Also, I do understand branding and marketing, and don't think me naive enough that I don't understand why these more logo crazy items exist.  However I really just hope that this is a new direction for DCP, and that they are really starting to work on everyday wear items.  I already have one of these:

And it is honestly my favorite day at work, when I get to wear this polo.  It just feels good. (I love this shirt, and love wearing it to work, too. -Nick)

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