Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The House from 'UP' Built in Real Life

I saw this article this morning in the NY Times.  Apparently it is an approved 'UP' house, that was build in real life and was based on the house from the Disney/Pixar film 'UP' of course!

Click here for the original article. There is also a photo gallery.
'Up' House IRL

D23 Convention Wrap-up

So, what happened?

In short, two years ago, for the first D23 Convention, they made huge announcements (Fantasyland Expansion, Star Tours, Carsland, California Adventure, etc. etc.) and this year they had....they had....well, NO new announcements.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Live-Blogging the Parks and Resorts Presentation - D23 Convention 2011

6:30 PM 

They're running late, of course. Lots of people still filing in, and they just announced the presentation won't begin for another 10 minutes. Boo!!

6:42 PM

Presentation begins with a montage and salute to Walt Disney's Carousel of Projects (probably because the title of this presentation is "Carousel of Projects").

D23 Expo- Parks and Resorts Presentation

In 7 minutes, Tom Staggs will take the stage to make the Parks and Resorts presentation. Thanks to WDW Radio, I'll be watching the event live, blogging away with my VERY stream of conscious thoughts. I'm holding out hope for a big, surprise, announcement!

Get ready, folks!

D23 Convention Predictions Too

So Nick gave us a post of the things he hopes to see announced at this years D23 convention, and I have decided to both offer my comments on the items he has brought up, as well as my own hopes for announcements here.

I think my largest hope and dream would have to be an update to Hollywood Studios.  This park seems to have stalled, and has just been a conundrum to me personally.  (Let's be's got lots of great attractions, but no unifying theme. I wrote about that problem here. -Nick)

D23 Convention Predictions

Today marks the opening of the second D23 Convention, held every other year in Anaheim, California. The event is a chance for all divisions of the Walt Disney Company to showcase upcoming projects, and make major announcements. It attracts a large amount of media attention, and brings in a whole contingent of fans. Mike and I had the opportunity to attend the first convention, 2 years ago, and among the things we got to see were: the announcement of Disneyland's Carsland, Walt Disney World's Fantasyland Expansion, concept models for the almost ready to open Aulani resort in Hawaii, and a whole slew of film and merchandise announcements. Sadly, we foolishly missed the appearance of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow (I am pretty sure we said we were going to lie about missing this - Mike). This year's event promises to be full of just as much hoopla.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Leave a Legacy getting ready to leave?

The original entrance to Epcot (then referred to as Epcot Center), was one of the most glorious things in the World. Take a look:

It set the tone for the park perfectly. Wide open space, beautiful palm trees, and a clear, unobstructed view of the park's icon, Spaceship Earth.