Monday, November 7, 2011

Avatar Blooming - fun idea

To Start with lets watch this quick Coca-Cola/AMC Theaters advertisement. And pause it right around the 38 or 39 second mark.

What I imagine would be kind of a neat experience for the upcoming AVATAR Land would be a nightly show or experience that kind of happened organically in the park every dusk to early evening.

If I was an Imagineer I would call it the Avatar Blooming or Coming to Life (admittedly the name needs work), but each day as the sun dipped below the horizon the entire Avatar land would become silent, no background music, nothing...just silence.

There would be almost an eerie and electric feeling about the whole thing.  Imagine being surrounded by noise and then, nothing.  Then far off in the distance a single note, or horn, or some sort of Na'vi instrument starts to play.  It is a call to celebration, and it starts off quietly and slowly and proceeds to move with great urgency and becomes louder and louder.  Then the Na'vi people start to come out, not a parade necessarily just one or two from the left, one or two from the right, moving through the crowd, slowly growing in numbers and congregating around a performance area.

Now remember the above video? If you stopped/paused it around the 38 second mark you can see a few flowers with some sort of phospho/bio-luminescence.  My thinking with this dusk display in Avatar Land....the Blooming, as I called it, would refer not only to the Na'vi people coming, but as they make their way through the crowd, the entire land starts to blossom with these beautifully alien flowers.

Small dark corners are awash with light, as the entire land starts to bloom, first at a small trickle, one flower here, a few plants there, and then one becomes blissfully aware that you are no longer on earth, you're not in the Animal Kingdom, and you are certainly not in Kansas are on Pandora, and you are celebrating the days end with the Na'vi.

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