Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Avatar Land - Where will it be?

When Animal Kingdom was originally announced, it contained plans for a land/area called Beastly Kingdom, which would feature mythical creatures.  However the plans were eventually modified for opening day to include what is now Camp Minnie Mickey, with plans to eventually add Beastly Kingdom after the park opened (and started making some money).

So the best educated guess for where the newly announce Avatar Land will be put, would be in the place of Camp Minnie Mickey.  Take a look:
Here is a satellite view  of the Animal Kingdom, with each of the lands labeled....albeit crudely.  However as you can see the size of Asia, Africa, and Dinoland USA are quite a bit larger then the tiny Camp Minnie Mickey, however the area around CMM is currently a lot larger.  Here's a close-up

With this close up you can see all of the area that the new Avatar land could take up.  The red square on this map is the current location of the Rainforest Cafe, and I am frankly not sure why this is here.  There is already a Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, why is this located outside the main gate to the park?

So obviously there is room in the spot for the new Avatar Land, and I think that it would make sense to have this new area up towards the front of the park, because something tells me with this new land, the Animal Kingdom park as a whole, will have to have later hours.  I believe now-a-days the park closes around 5, 6 PM at the latest.  I think with all of the cool plants and animals that we saw in the Avatar movie, there will have to be extended hours to really take advantage of all the lighting effects the movie had to offer.

Not to mention, since the Kilimanjaro Safari Tours will not be open at night (can't see animals in the dark!) then I suspect all of Africa will be shut down after 5PM.  And it probably wouldn't make sense to put a new land, that will most likely be open late, out next to the Savanah.

So what do you think? Are they going to put Avatar Land in the space designated for the Beastly Kingdom?

Take a look at the satellite map, where would you position the new land?

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  1. I think they will put Avatar land where CMM is also. I've heard through the grapevine that Festival of the Lion King will be moving to a new location. I thought the movie was good but I am excited to see what Disney does.